Others assessments will put you in the neighborhood, CSF will put you at your Front Door!

“I do not think that is not who I really am!”, I told my leadership coach, Dave Mead. Dave kindly asked me if others had ever called me rude, arrogant or self-righteous? I said, “Yes! And that is exactly why I do not like this, and do not think that is who I am! I work hard Not to be that type of a person!”

Dave patiently pointed out that those are basement (the way talent is negatively expressed) words that exactly describe my #1 Talent, Self-Assurance. That the negative ways my talent can express itself describe who I am, just as fully as the positive ways my talent can be expressed! This one-hour coaching session sent me on a journey of self-discovery, talent discovery, and put me on the 3-year journey of becoming an Executive Leadership Coach.

Everyone has wondered at some point, “Who am I, and what makes me unique?”

CliftonStrengths Answers, “Who Am I?”

Everyone has wondered at some point, “Who am I and what makes me unique?”

We’re confident that the CliftonStrengths assessment can answer that question.

You are unique!

This online test (formerly named the Clifton StrengthsFinder) measures your specific order of the 34 CliftonStrengths themes. These 34 themes represent what people do best. They are the buckets that categorize all that’s right with humankind — distilled down to 34 different themes.

Immediately upon completing the CliftonStrengths assessment, you’ll receive your results in a report featuring customized descriptions of your dominant strengths. When you purchase CliftonStrengths 34 over Top 5, you will gain access to additional reports. Check out the differences here.

    • Sharpen Your Skills
    • Improve Your Problem Solving
    • Aim Your Strengths at Success

What About Weaknesses?

Most individuals are taught to focus on strengthening their weaknesses.

Instead, they should be learning how their strengths help cover those areas in their lives that are weaker. Well-roundedness as the “final goal” doesn’t lead to higher performance in your life. We know that the highest levels of success can only be achieved when you stop trying to be a little bit good at everything and really own what you’re naturally best at.
In other words: Don’t try to be well-rounded, be better at what you’re already great at.
But discovering your strengths is just the start — applying and investing in them is when real change takes place.

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